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Welcome to the CalcPi project homepage

This is the Homepage of CalcPi, a multiplatform program for calculating pi and other mathematical constants to arbitrary precision.

Features of CalcPi:

  • Calculate pi or e (base of natural logarithm) multi- or single-threaded to a few million digits within a couple of seconds (see benchmarks)
  • Benchmarking feature to estimate runtime and memory consumption of the algorithm
  • A nice GUI with installers for Windows
  • Completely portable, it stores nothing in ini-files or in the registry
  • The source-code is intended to be as portable as possible. It only uses multi-platform libraries such as wxWidgets, boost and GMP

What CalcPi isn't/can't:

  • You will not be able to set new world records for number of digits of pi with this tool. The main reason is that it computes everything in memory, while specialized tools like y-cruncher are able to store intermediate results on hard disc.
  • It also isn't as fast the specialized tools, but it is (to my knowledge) the fastest open source tool

  • I wrote this program mainly to set some groundstones for other programs I have planned to implement. They are intended to be multiplatform, multi-compiler capable, with a nice wxWidgets GUI. This also means that if you are a C++ developer and want to implement multi-platform GUIs, you have the possibility to look into this project to get some ideas on how it could be done.
  • Many good algorithms out there (not just pi calculating ones) are implemented in command-line programs. In my opinion, they deserve a nice GUI so they can be used by users that have no experience on the command line.
  • It's fun! Especially to torture the tiny Raspberry Pi and turn it into a number crunching machine :-)